About me


I am a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Statistical and Molecular Biophysics at SISSA.

My research is focused on the study of the physical behavior of colloidal particles dispersed in complex media such as liquid crystals or solutions of macromolecules. The theoretical and technological interest for these systems stems from the possibility of tuning the colloidal interactions in a controlled fashion by changing the thermodynamic or the elastic parameters of the host medium. For instance, liquid crystal colloids represent a promising class of metamaterials in which the long ranged orientational ordering of the liquid crystals generates effective interactions allowing the self-assembly of complex colloid composites. Another example is provided by the addition to a colloid dispersion of a cosolute, often in the form of non-adsorbing homopolymer, which leads to a depletion force responsible for a demixing transition usually absent in the case of steric stabilized particles. The study of these systems has been carried out by means of computational methods and by adopting a number of different coarse-graining techniques in which one retains only large time and length scales while tracing out microscopic degrees of freedom. These strategies, quite common in the field of the soft matter physics, are often sufficient to provide the relevant thermodynamic and structural informations useful for the characterization of such complex systems.